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Mo Anam Cara ring
Sculpted Mo Anam Cara Rings

Mo Anam Cara 10mm $259 USD
claddagh rings
Claddagh Bands

Titan 8mm $239 US
wedding claddagh ring
Dome Claddagh Rings

Helios 8mm $159 USD

claddagh bands
Flat Claddagh Rings

Claddagh 9mm $259 USD
sculpted ring
Sculpted Knotwork Celtic Rings

Oracle 10mm $239 USD
celtic love knots ring
Celtic Love Knots Rings

Ursa 10mm $239 USD

celtic knot rings
Dome Celtic Knot Ring

Octavian 10mm $159 USD
celtic cross ring
Flat Celtic Cross Rings

Trinity 10mm $179 USD
cross rings
Dome Celtic Bands

Crux 10mm $239 USD

celtic bands
Dome Celtic Rings

Dublin 6mm $199 USD
Cross Ring
Dome Cross Rings

Purity 7mm $99 USD
trinity celtic ring
Trinity Celtic Rings

Conquest 9mm $239 USD




Dome Claddagh rings, Celtic love knots rings, trinity Celtic rings

Ranging from Celtic love knot rings, trinity Celtic rings, and dome Claddagh rings, Celtic rings are just as beautiful as they are meaningful. They are more than just carefully poured metal, they have a rich history and deep symbolism. Each different kind of ring has its own meaning and history. Dome Claddagh rings, for example, is traditionally used to signal romantic interest or disinterest, but it also has a rich origin story.

One version of the story states that a rich widow was rewarded with the first Claddagh ring by an eagle, after she remarried and used her fortune to rebuild Connacht bridges. Another version tells that a Prince designed the ring for his lover, a commoner, to prove to her that his intentions were true. The story that most people believe to be accurate is of Richard Joyce, who was sold to a goldsmith in Algiers as a slave. The goldsmith trained him in the art of ring making, which Joyce used to design a special ring for his intended. Whatever story you believe, the hands are usually believed to represent friendship, the heart - love, and the crown - loyalty.

Celtic love knot rings, of course, symbolize unending love, the knots tying two lovers together. But some of these rings can also be used to as a token of any kind of love, including passion for a specific vocation, or the love between siblings, friends, or parents and children. Many also wear a Celtic love knot ring as a symbol of protection or hope. Besides being a symbol of love and devotion, these rings are beautiful and are an excellent addition to any wardrobe and outfit.

Trinity Celtic rings do have a more defined meaning. For some, the three points of the knot symbolize the Holy Trinity, though it is more likely that if this symbol has any religious roots at all, it is in a pagan religion, where the three points would symbolize the Mother, Crone, and Maiden. This symbol was regularly found in ancient burial and holy sites, where it is likely to have represented the deities those civilizations worshiped. Today, it is used to symbolize unity, or anything three-pronged idea, including the Holy Trinity. Other interpretations include past, present, and future; mother, father, and child; and sprit, mind, and body.

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