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Welcome to iCelticRings.com, we are glad you stopped by to shop with us. Our goal at iCelticRings.com is to provide a pleasant shopping experience by offering a large selection of Celtic rings at affordable prices. Our selection of Celtic rings consists of the symbolic Claddagh Ring, Irish Cross Rings, Irish Knot Rings and the Trinity design. We have many widths to choose from to accommodate men and women. Our goal is to not only carry a large selection in stock but to exceed service standards by offering customer support and a lifetime warranty with each jewelry purchase. We promise to stand behind our quality by not having any restocking fees or deductibles associated with our warranty which means the buyer can feel secure that the purchase made was the right one.

Along with the large selection of Celtic Rings and wedding bands we have a full line of Tungsten Carbide Rings in stock for those looking for a simple classic ring style. While shopping through our Tungsten Ring collection you will notice that in addition to our classic ring styles we also carry many unique styles such as wide width rings, colored tungsten and many Inlay tungsten rings. We are sure to carry something for every fashion taste.

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Claddagh Celtic Rings Meaning

The Claddagh ring known as Chladach in Irish is a custom Irish ring given in fellowship or worn as a wedding ring. The outline and traditions connected with it started in the Irish angling town of Claddagh. The ring was initially delivered in the seventeenth century, however components of the outline are much more seasoned. Claddagh gems outlines are likewise now accessible in stud, bangles and arm ornaments.

The Claddagh's different outline offers two hands fastening a heart, and typically surmounted by a crown. The components of the image are regularly said to relate to the characteristics of affection (the heart), companionship (the hands), and dedication (the crown). The declaration which was connected with these images in the giving of the ring was: "With my two hands, I provide for you my heart, and crown it with my adoration." Yet, the statement, "Let affection and companionship rule everlastingly" can be found as an alternate importance of the images.

The one of a kind imagery of the Claddagh Ring makes this memorable Irish plan a true friendly exchange. What does the Claddagh mean? Do you wear it with the heart turned in, or out? What's more who made this excellent outline in any case?

The significance of the heart, crown & hands of the Claddagh is impeccably typified in the expression "Love, Loyalty & Friendship", or on the off chance that you want to talk Gaelic, "Gr, Dlseacht, Cairdeas" (professed "Graw Deal-stunned, Core-Jass")

The flexibility of the Claddagh has permitted this outline to attain overall notoriety as a token of affection and companionship. The ring may be offered in a festival of sentimental adoration, for example, a guarantee ring, engagement or wedding ring. Similarly, the ring can be worn as a symbol of a continuing kinship. A lot of people more wear the Claddagh as a token of an outing to Ireland, or to help them to remember their Irish legacy.

The Origin of the Claddagh:
The soonest surviving Claddagh rings date from the late seventeenth century, and the ring has been made consistently in excess of 400 years since that time. Around then, the Claddagh was a little angling town in close nearness to Galway city. The best accessible confirmation proposes that the Claddagh began life as a keepsake that was passed on from mother to the eldest girl upon the arrival of her marriage.

The character of the first architect is a matter of some verbal confrontation, with Richard Joyce held to be the doubtlessly competitor. What is not in uncertainty is that the outline was enlivened by Roman "Fede" rings. These rings emphasized the hand & heart images, however, fail to offer the 'delegated trademark' of the advanced Claddagh.

Current Interpretations:
Current gems architects in Ireland past and keep on playing with the imagery of the Claddagh ring. This has prompted a wide mixture of outlines, some of which I have included in the slideshow on this page, and a large portion of which are accessible on our site.

It is a demonstration of the persevering force of the first outline, that a large number of our clients still lean toward the fantastic Claddagh ring, made in Ireland, generally as it has been in excess of 400 years.

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